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Subversia explores the playfully dark world of Dush Dush. Memories of childhood are warped into a new mesmerizing world of intrigue. Every image tells a unique story that's dangerously inviting.

Dush Dush's aggressive little brother is the rebellious DOGHOUSE. Fashion imagery is cut up with razor sharp graphics or charged up with striking colour and bold geometrics. 

12am - 6am. These are the 6 hours till sunrise. The hours of escapism in which we have made choices to remember or regret. You can wipe away the signs of the night. No one will ever know. It's your secret.

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Theyll Never Know with border.jpg

Bagged questions the perception of identity stereotypes formed by gender and labels. A creative collaboration with Berlin based artistic director Fi Rouz and photographer George Schroeder.

A series of 4 prints, Exotica is healthy diet of good old fashioned, high end erotica with a tempting splash of the exotic. Try it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Mean Girls explores our obsession with self made drama, status climbing and our never ending hunt for a materialistic fix. You know those 3 girls you love to hate? Well here they are. In all their unashamed glory.

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